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Jim Keltner On Buddy Rich

The revered Los Angeles drummer went to unusual lengths to express to Rich what his drumming meant to him. Here Keltner recounts that tale and puts the great one's uniqueness in historical perspective.

I am convinced that Buddy was not normal. He was a savant. There's no other logical, rational way to understand it. I've heard tapes of Buddy at five years old, and he's already playing with that incredibly sophisticated sense of syncopation that a lot of grown men today would love to have. Freddie Gruber, who was Buddy's best friend, played me those tapes. On the first one, Buddy's playing on the floor, on a cabinet, on a chair.... By the time he finally gets to his snare drum solo, your jaw has already dropped. I was crying.

Later, after Freddie's death, his lawyer found another tape, and on that one Buddy's playing everything including a small teacup, which he treats like a cowbell. Very sophisticated rhythmically for anyone, let alone a five-year-old. Then he starts scatting, and you wonder, How can a little kid be doing this? He goes on to play "Stars and Stripes Forever" on a snare drum, accompanied by a pit band. It's remarkable.

Buddy will always be relevant for all generations, because everything about him was completely above everyone else. He was the highest-paid sideman of the 1940s, and he was definitely the champion when it came to technique-Buddy was a technical freak of nature. Papa Jo Jones, Gene Krupa, Dave Tough, and Big Sid Catlett are other beautiful drummers of the swing era, but none of those guys had the hands that Buddy had. Philly Joe Jones famously said, "I don't want to play what Buddy plays, but I want that machine." He told that to Freddie Gruber, who told it to me. That says it all right there.

Once, back in the '70s, I went to see Buddy with a friend, percussionist Emil Richards, at a supper club in Glendale. Buddy played with his band, and it was astonishingly good, as it always was. After the show Emil said, "Let's go back and see Buddy." We go backstage, and there he is, sitting on a barstool, smoking a cigarette with his pants off, and he's got a towel over his legs. I guess that's how Buddy was most comfortable after a show. He was soaked. The man truly gave a hundred percent every night. He never coasted, ever. I never saw Buddy nor deliver one hundred percent-and I saw him play all the time. I went to Disneyland often, just to see him. It was truly something to behold. And remember, Buddy didn't have a double pedal; he did it all with one bass drum pedal and his hands. Incredible.

Anyway, there's Buddy in the middle of all these L.A. session guys, sitting above them on this high barstool. They're all looking up at him, like they're worshipping him. Everybody was kind of quiet. I looked at Buddy for a second and had this urge to go over and speak to him. I said, "Buddy, I've seen you many times, and that was the most amazing show I've ever seen. I've never seen you play like that before. It was unbelievable." He's smiling. And then I say, "Can I give you a kiss?" Emil said everybody in the room looked at each other, like, "Oh my God, Buddy is going to deck this guy!" But Buddy said, "Sure." So I kissed him on the cheek and said, "Man, there is nobody like you in the whole world."

Now, Buddy was very aware of the younger drummers at the time. He always said that Steve Gadd was his favorite. Buddy knew who everybody was. And I think that when he saw that I was sincerely blown away, he took that to heart. So when I kissed him, he didn't flinch. And everybody in the room was relieved that Buddy didn't kill me.

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Phil Driscoll - Celebrate Freedom

Phil Driscoll - Celebrate Freedom
Sparrow Records SPR 1094 (1984)

Track Listing:
1. Star Spangled Banner
2. America the Beautiful
3. Battle Hymn of the Republic
4. Statue of Liberty
5. God of Our Fathers
6. I Love America
7. We are His People
8. Land of the Free
9. America
10. E Pluribus Unum

Jim Keltner - Drums
Phil Driscoll - Arranger, Flugelhorn, Producer, Trumpet, Vocals 
Lari Goss - Keyboards
Terry Blackwood - Vocals
Harlan Rogers - Organ, Keyboards
London National Philharmonic Orchestra

Mick Jagger - The Very Best Of Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger - The Very Best Of Mick Jagger
Rhino Records R2 328636 (2007)

Track Listing:
1. God Gave Me Everything
2. Put Me in the Trash
3. Just Another Night
4. Don't Tear Me Up
5. Charmed Life
6. Sweet Thing
7. Old Habits Die Hard
8. Dancing in the Street
9. Too Many Cooks (Spoil the Soup) (1973)
10. Memo from Turner
12. Lucky in Love
13. Let's Work
14. Joy
15. Don't Call Me Up
16. Checkin' Up on My Baby
17. (You Got To Walk And) Don't Look Back
18. Evening Gown

DVD Track Listing:
1. Interview With Mick Jagger
2. God Gave Me Everything
3. Just Another Night
4. Sweet Thing
5. Let's Work
6. Lucky in Love
7. Don't Tear Me Up
8. Dancing in the Street
9. Joy
10. (You Got to Walk And) Don't Look Back

Digital Download Bonus Tracks:
1. Charmed Life (Ashley Beedle 12" Mix)
2. Charmed Life (Ashley Beedle 12" Dub)
3. Everybody Knows About My Good Thing
4. Say You Will (Instrumental Remix)
5. Lucky in Love (Single Mix)
6. Sweet Thing (Funky Guitar Edit)

Personnel on Track 9:
Jim Keltner - Drums
Mick Jagger - Vocals
Al Kooper - Hammond B3 Organ
Jesse Ed Davis - Guitar
Jack Bruce - Bass
Danny Kortchmar - Guitar
Bobby Keys - Saxophone
Harry Nilsson - Backing Vocals
John Lennon - Producer

George Harrison - Far East Man-Live Rarities

George Harrison - Far East Man-Live Rarities
Living Legend Records (1991) Bootleg

Track Listing:
1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
2. Here Comes The Sun
3. For You Blue
4. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
5. Your True Love
6. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
7. Glad All Over
8. Blue Suede Shoes
9. Here Comes The Sun/The Bells Of Ryhmney/Mr. Tambourine Man/Take Me As I Am
10. That's Allright Mama
11. Let It Be Me
12. Something
13. Every Grain Of Sand
14. Awaiting On You All
15. Far East Man
16. Sound Stage Of Mind
17. Here Comes The Sun
18. Rock Island Line
19. Bye Bye Love

Jim Keltner - Drums
George Harrison - Vocals, Guitar
Eric Clapton - Guitar
Ringo Starr - Drums, Backing Vocals
Willie Weeks - Bass
Billy Preston - Hammond B3 Organ, Backing Vocals
Jim Horn - Saxophone
Carl Perkins - Vocals
Dave Edmunds - Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Lynne - Vocals, Guitar
Paul Simon - Vocals, Guitar

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Bob Dylan - Watching The River Flow

Bob Dylan - Watching The River Flow
Columbia Records 4-45409 (1971)

Side One:
1. Watching the River Flow

Side Two:
1. Spanish is the Loving Tongue

Jim Keltner - drums
Bob Dylan - vocal, guitar, harmonica
Leon Russell - piano, producer
Jesse Ed Davis - guitar
Don Preston - guitar
Carl Radle - bass

Bob Dylan ‎– Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Volume II
Columbia Records KG 31120 (1971)

Side One:
1. Watching The River Flow
2. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
3. Lay Lady Lay
4. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again

Side Two:
1. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
2. All I Really Want To Do
3. My Back Pages
4. Maggie's Farm
5. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You

Side Three:
1. She Belongs To Me
2. All Along The Watchtower
3. The Mighty Quinn (Quinn, The Eskimo)
4. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
5. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

Side Four:
1. If Not For You
2. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
3. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
4. When I Paint My Masterpiece
5. I Shall Be Released
6. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
7. Down In The Flood

Musical Memories With Jim Keltner

Jim Keltner set his sights early on baseball instead of music, pitching a no-hitter while still in little league. And when he did start drumming seriously, he far preferred jazz to rock ‘n’ roll.

And although nothing he did in Tulsa indicated that he would grow up to become one of the leading drummers in all of rock, there was perhaps a portent or two.

“My dad was in the Akdar Shrine Drum Corps,” Keltner recalls. “The first time I ever saw him play was when my mom took us to a parade. I was sitting on the curb, and I could hear the sound of the drums coming down the street. I remember I started getting chills as it got closer. And as they walked past us, I saw my dad playing his snare drum, and then this enormous, big, funky sound was marching down the street right past me.

“That was probably the game-changer right there,” he adds. “I fell in love with the whole thing. It floored me. I think it was for that reason that my dad took me to one of their rehearsals later.


Held in the basement of Tulsa’s Akdar Shrine Temple, the rehearsal, remembers Keltner, was full of men puffing on cigars, drinking Scotch and regaling one another with off-color jokes. “To this day,” he says, “when I smell cigar smoke and booze in a club or something, it takes me right back there.” The 12-year-old sat and listened to them practice, and when they were done, he picked up his dad’s sticks and recreated the exact cadence they’d been working on.

“I don’t remember being surprised,” Keltner says. “But it surprised them a lot.


His father brought the snare home, setting it up in a closet. “It’s odd, but it was a real personal kind of sound for me in there, with all the clothes hanging and everything,” Keltner recalls. “I gave my little sister Judy a spoon and I told her, ‘Hit the edge of the head here like this – just go, one, two, three four, one, two, three four.’ She’d play that for me, and I’d play the cadence against it. It was the first little contrapuntal thing I remember doing, and it was totally fascinating to be able to hear that and feel that.”

His dad bought him a drum set soon after, and the family stayed in Tulsa long enough for Keltner, then a seventh grader, to play in the Roosevelt Junior High School orchestra and take a few lessons from noted local drummer Charles Westgate.

But if music was something that brought Keltner and his family closer together, it was also splitting his mom and dad apart. His mother’s brother, Willie “Smokey” Mendoza, was the bassist for Johnnie Lee Wills, who was then fronting the house band at Cain’s Ballroom. Keltner’s dad was working two jobs, keeping him busy day and night, and his young wife loved to go out and dance, especially to Wills’ western swing. It was not a recipe for marital harmony. It did, however, lead to their move west.

“They left Oklahoma because of so many crazy problems,” he explains, “like my mom having another life, and my dad working two jobs. They were going to divorce. I’d wake up in the morning, and I’d be hearing nothing but fights, because my dad worked the night shift and my mother had been out dancing.


So, in August 1955, Keltner recalls, “We pulled out of our driveway on Woodrow Place in Tulsa with three things in a little trailer behind Dad’s new Chevy: our clothes in suitcases, my drum set and a TV set. You would think that music was my destination, but in reality it wasn’t. There was nothing to portend that. What I was, was a baseball player.


That changed, however, when they reached southern California. Keltner’s father, a painter, landed a foreman’s job at the Santa Anita racetrack, and the family settled in Pasadena. But one day when Keltner was on the baseball field, he started breaking out in hives. Exertion and sweating, it turned out, was the cause.

“So what was I going to do?” he asks. “Sports was out of the question for me at that point, and I was already playing music. I was in a dance band called the Moonglows, a little combo with trombone, trumpet, alto sax, clarinet, piano, bass and drums. My first professional gig was at Pasadena’s Jefferson Recreation Center. My mom had a picture, which I have hanging in my house now, with a dollar bill at the bottom. It says, ‘Jim’s first dollar.’


By the time his junior year came along, he’d discovered jazz. “That’s the way I was coming up,” he says. “I was a jazz player. I was a jazz lover. I couldn’t hear any kind of rock ‘n’ roll that excited me at all.”

He married right out of high school, kept playing jazz, and took a job at a local music store, where he also gave drum lessons. He was behind the counter one day when Gary Lewis walked in and asked if he could take a few lessons.

“He’d already had a big hit, ‘This Diamond Ring,’ and I gave him four or five lessons,” remembers Keltner. “Then one day, he said to me, ‘You know what? I’m going to play the guitar in front of the band. Why don’t you be my drummer?’


At the time, Keltner was making $85 a week playing jazz, teaching and working at the store. Lewis offered him $250.

“So I flipped out and did it,” laughs Keltner. “Got my hair cut, shaved my moustache and became this cute little rock ‘n’ roll guy.


Through Lewis, Keltner met fellow Tulsa native Leon Russell, who was producing the Gary Lewis and the Playboys sessions. Russell had stocked the Playboys with Tulsans, including guitarist Tommy Tripplehorn and bassist Carl Radle, and Keltner was soon palling around with them and other hometown boys who’d come to the West Coast in search of a music career,

 Keltner certainly found his, as even a cursory glance at his biography will tell you. From John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr to the Stones and Pink Floyd, Keltner can put his roster of musical collaborators up against anyone’s.

And while that career may not have started in Tulsa, as was the case with so many of his contemporaries and friends, Oklahoma certainly influenced, and continues to influence, his position in rock music’s stratosphere.

“To me, Tulsa represents everything that I am in my flesh and bones,” Keltner says. “Being born in Tulsa in 1942 to a great Okie man and a little Mexican girl – that’s who I am. That’s what you hear when you hear me play. Oklahoma is more than just the place I lived. It’s my musical home. It’s my heart’s home.”

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Waterboys - Fisherman's Blues

The Waterboys - Fisherman's Blues
EMI Records 0946 3 57673 2 2 (2006)

Track Listing:

CD 1:
1. Fisherman's Blues
2. We Will Not Be Lovers
3. Strange Boat
4. World Party
5. Sweet Thing/Blackbird
6. Jimmy Hickey's Waltz
7. And A Bang On The Ear
8. Has Anybody Here Seen Hank?
9. When Will We Be Married?
10. When Ye Go Away
11. Dunford's Fancy
12. The Stolen Child
13. This Land Is Your Land

CD 2: [Previously Unreleased]  [Bonus Tracks]
1. Carolan's Welcome
2. Killing My Heart
3. You In The Sky
4. When Will We Be Married?
5. Nobody 'Cept You
6. Fisherman's Blues
7. Girl Of The North Country
8. Lonesome And A Long Way From Home
9. If I Can't Have You
10. Rattle My Bones And Shiver My Soul
11. Let Me Feel Holy Again
12. Meet Me At The Station
13. The Good Ship Sirius
14. Soon As I Get Home Corner

Jim Keltner, Peter McKinney, Dave Ruffy, Kevin Wilkinson, Jay Dee Daugherty, John Donnolly, Paul Moran, Prairie Prince, Scott Matthews, Pete Thomas, Brendan O'Neill, Fran Been, Aaron Ahmun - Drums
Mike Scott - Vocals, Guitar, Hammond Organ, Piano, Drums, Bouzouki, Producer
Anthony Thistlethwaite - Mandolin, Slide Mandolin, Harmonica, Hammond Organ, Saxophone
Trevor Hutchinson - Bass, Upright Bass, Bouzouki
John Patitucci, Anders Rundblatt, Ross Valery - Bass
Steve Wickham, Charlie Lennon, Frankie Gavin - Fiddle
Vinnie Kilduff - Guitar
Frank Lane - Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro
Dave Morris - Keyboards
Colin Blakey - Piano, Flute, Horns
Liam O'Maonlai - Piano
Noel Bridgeman - Tambourine, Congas, Trumpet, Accordion
Martin O'Connor - Accordion
Alec Finn, Brendan O'Regan - Bouzouki
Donal Lunny - Bouzouki, Bodhran
Vinnie Kilduff - Pipes, Bodhran
Steve Cooney - Dijeridu
Padraig Stevens - Bells, Percussion
The Abergavenny Male Voice Choir, Jenne Haan, Rachel Nolan, Ruth Nolan - Choir

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gary Lewis & The Playboys - The Complete Liberty Singles

Gary Lewis & The Playboys - The Complete Liberty Singles
Collectors' Choice Music CCM 2013 (2009)

Disc One:
1. This Diamond Ring
2. Hard to Find
3. Tijuana Wedding
4. Count Me In
5. Little Miss Go-Go
6. Doin' the Flake
7. Save Your Heart for Me
8. Without a Word of Warning
9. Everybody Loves a Clown
10. Time Stands Still
11. She's Just My Style
12. I Won't Make That Mistake Again
13. Sure Gonna Miss Her
14. I Don't Wanna Say Goodnight
15. Green Grass
16. I Can Read Between the Lines
17. My Heart's Symphony
18. Tina (I Held You in My Arms)
19. (You Don't Have To) Paint Me a Picture
20. Looking for the Stars
21. Way Way Out
22. Down on the Sloop John B

Disc Two:
1. Where Will the Words Come From
2. May the Best Man Win
3. The Loser (With a Broken Heart)
4. Ice Melts in the Sun
5. Girls in Love
6. Let's Be More Than Friends
7. Jill
8. New in Town
9. Has She Got the Nicest Eyes
10. Happiness
11. Sealed with a Kiss
12. Sara Jane
13. Main Street
14. C.C. Rider
15. Mister Memory
16. Every Day I Have to Cry Some
17. Rhythm of the Rain
18. Hayride
19. Gary's Groove
20. Something Is Wrong
21. I Saw Elvis Presley Last Night
22. I'm on the Right Road Now
23. Great Balls of Fire

Jim Keltner - drums
Gary Lewis - vocals, drums
David Walker - guitar
Allan Ramsay - bass
David Costell - guitar
John West - electric accordion
Snuff Garrett - producer, backing vocals
Tommy Allsup - guitar
Leon Russell - keyboards
Hal Blaine - drums
Carol Kaye, Joe Osborne - bass
Ron Hicklin - backing vocals

Roger Miller - Making A Name For Myself

Roger Miller - Making A Name For Myself
20th Century Fox Records T-592 (1979)

Side One:
1. The Hat
2. If I Ever Fall In Love
3. Ringing Up Rosie
4. Freedom
5. Hey Would You Hold It Down

Side Two:
1. It's A Miracle That You're Mine
2. Pleasing The Crowd
3. Disco Man
4. Old Friends
5. The Opera Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

Jim Keltner - Drums
Roger Miller - Vocals
Steve Madaio - Trumpet, Horn Arrangements
David Wolfert - Guitar, Rhythm Arrangements
Nick DeCaro - String Arrangements
David Hungate - Bass
Harry Bluestone - String Concertmaster
Jay Graydon - Guitar
Jeff Baxter - Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Jai Winding - Keyboards
Gary Klein - Producer
Gary Herbig - Saxophone
Jim Horn - Saxophone, Trombone
Dick Hyde - Trombone
Brenda Russell, Brian Russell, Chuck Higgins, Donny Gerrard, Kim Carnes, Mary Arnold, Patti Brooks, Thelma Camacho - Background Vocals

Tristan Prettyman - Cedar + Gold

Tristan Prettyman - Cedar + Gold
Capitol Records 88234 (2012)

Track Listing:
1. Second Chance
2. Say Anything
3. My Oh My
4. I Was Gonna Marry You
5. Quit You
6. Bad Drug
7. Come Clean
8. Glass Jar
9. When You Come Down
10. Deepest Ocean Blue
11. The Rebound
12. Never Say Never

Jim Keltner - Drums (5)
Tristan Prettyman - Guitar, Vocals, Programming
Josh Grange - Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Greg Leisz - Guitar
Greg Wells - Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Producer, Programming

Thursday, September 27, 2012

B.B. King - Ladies & Gentlemen...Mr. B.B. King

B.B. King - Ladies & Gentlemen...Mr. B.B. King
Universal Records 5339086 (2012)

Track Listing:

1. Miss Martha King
2. When Your Baby Packs Up And Goes
3. Got The Blues
4. Take A Swing With Me
5. B.B. Boogie
6. Don't You Want A Man Like Me
7. Fine Looking Woman
8. She's Dynamite
9. 3 O'Clock Blues
10. That Ain't The Way To Do It
11. You Know I Love You
12. Woke Up This Morning (My Baby She Was Gone)
13. Please Love Me
14. Blind Love
15. The Woman I Love
16. Whole Lotta' Love
17. Everyday I Have The Blues (Single Version)
18. Love You Baby
19. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer
20. You Upset Me, Baby (1954 Version)
21. Sneakin' Around
22. Shut Your Mouth
23. Boogie Rock
24. Ten Long Years
25. Crying Won't Help You
26. Bad Luck
27. Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

1. Sweet Little Angel
2. Early In The Morning
3. (I'm Gonna) Quit My Baby
4. On My Word Of Honor
5. Days Of Old
6. Recession Blues
7. Please Accept My Love
8. Everyday I Have The Blues
9. Precious Lord
10. Sweet Sixteen Parts One & Two
11. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
12. I'll Survive
13. (I've) Got A Right To Love My Baby
14. It's My Own Fault
15. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
16. Walking Dr. Bill
17. Catfish Blues (Fishin' After Me)
18. Partin' Time
19. You're Breaking My Heart
20. Rock Me Baby
21. Blue Shadows
22. The Jungle
23. That Evil Child

1. You Ask Me (Album Version)
2. I'm Gonna Sit In 'Til You Give In (Single Version)
3. Blues At Midnight (Single Version)
4. My Baby's Comin' Home (Single Version)
5. Chains Of Love (Album Version)
6. Sneakin' Around (Single Version)
7. Slowly Losing My Mind (Single Version)
8. How Blue Can You GetUpdate (Single Version)
9. Whole Lotta Lovin'
10. I Wonder Why (First Version)
11. Please Accept My Love
12. Help The Poor (Single Version)
13. Never Trust A Woman (Single Version)
14. Worryin' Blues
15. Stop Leadin' Me On (Single Version)
16. Every Day I Have The Blues (1964/Live At The Regal Theater)
17. Sweet Little Angel (1964/Live At The Regal Theatre, Chicago)
18. It's My Own Fault (Live (Regal Theatre))
19. How Blue Can You Get Update (Live (1964/Regal Theatre))
20. Please Love Me (1964/Live At The Regal Theatre, Chicago)
21. Tired Of Your Jive (Single Version)
22. All Over Again (Single Version)
23. I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water (Album Version)
24. Cherry Red (Album Version)
25. You're Still A Square
16. Don't Answer The Door (Album Version)
27. Waitin' On You (Single Version)
28. Night Life (Single Version)

1. Gambler's Blues (1966/Live At The International Club, Chicago)
2. Buzz Me (1966/Live At The International Club)
3. Sweet Sixteen, Parts 1 & 2 (1966/Live At The International Club, Chicago)
4. Think It Over (Single Version)
5. I Done Got Wise (Album Version)
6. Worried Dream
7. Paying The Cost To Be The Boss (Album Version)
8. I'm Gonna Do What They Do To Me (Album Version)
9. Dance With Me (Album Version)
10. Lucille (Album Version)
11. Watch Yourself (Album Version)
12. You Put It On Me (Album Version)
13. Messy But Good (Album Version)
14. Get Myself Somebody (Single Version)
15. My Mood (Live (Village Gate))
16. I Want You So Bad (Album Version)
17. Get Off My Back Woman (Album Version)
18. Why I Sing The Blues (Album Version)

1. The Thrill Is Gone
2. Confessin' The Blues (Album Version)
3. So Excited (Album Version)
4. No Good (Album Version)
5. Go Underground (Album Version)
6. Nobody Loves Me But My Mother (Album Version)
7. Chains And Things (Single Version)
8. Ask Me No Questions (Single Version)
9. Hummingbird (Album Version)
10. Worry, Worry (1970/Live In Cook County Jail)
11. Eyesight To The Blind (Live At Sankei Hall, Tokyo, Japan/1971)
12. Niji Baby (Live At Sankei Hall, Tokyo, Japan/1971)
13. The Thrill Is Gone (Live At Sankei Hall, Tokyo, Japan/1971)

1. I Got Some Help I Don't Need (Pre-Overdub Version)
2. Blue Shadows (Album Version)
3. Ghetto Woman (Single Version)
4. Ain't Nobody Home (Single Version)
5. Guess Who
6. Five Long Years (Album Version)
7. I Like To Live The Love (Single Version)
8. To Know You Is To Love You (Album Version)
9. Philadelphia
10. Three O' Clock Blues (Live)
11. Lucille Talks Back (Album Version)
12. Reconsider Baby
13. Don't Make Me Pay For His Mistakes (Album Version)
14. Let The Good Times Roll (Live At Coconut Grove/Single Version)
15. Don't You Lie To Me (Album Version)
16. Mother Fuyer (Album Version)
17. The Same Love That Made Me

1. When It All Comes Down (I'll Still Be Around) (Album Version)
2. Hold On (I Feel Our Love Is Changing) (Album Version)
3. Never Make A Move Too Soon (Album Version)
4. Better Not Look Down (Single Version)
5. Happy Birthday Blues (Single Version)
6. I've Always Been Lonely (Album Version)
7. Caldonia (1979/Live At Ole Miss)
8. I Got Some Outside Help (I Don't Really Need) (Live (Ole Miss))
9. Life Ain't Nothing But A Party (Album Version)
10. The Victim (Album Version)
11. There Must Be A Better World Somewhere (Album Version)
12. Nightlife / Please Send Me Someone To Love
13. Inflation Blues (Album Version)
14. Sell My Monkey
15. Darlin' You Know I Love You (Album Version)
16. Make Love To Me (Album Version)

1. Into The Night (Into The Night/Soundtrack Version)
2. Six Silver Strings (Album Version)
3. When Love Comes To Town (Album Version)
4. Standing On The Edge (Album Version)
5. Lay Another Log On The Fire (Album Version)
6. Take Off Your Shoes (Album Version)
7. Nobody Loves Me But My Mother (Live (San Quentin))
8. Right Place, Wrong Time
9. All Over Again (Live (Apollo Theater))
10. I'm Moving On (Album Version)
11. Back In L.A. (Album Version)
12. Fool Me Once (Album Version)
13. There Is Always One More Time (Album Version)
14. Monday Morning Blues (Blues For Mr. G.)
15. Since I Met You Baby (Live)

1. Playin' With My Friends (Album Version)
2. There's Something On Your Mind (Album Version)
3. I Gotta Move Out Of This Neighborhood / Nobody Loves Me But My Mother (Album Version)
4. You Don't Know Me (Album Version)
5. Stormy Monday Blues
6. Rock Me Baby (1994/Live At The Rosengarten)
7. Confessin' The Blues (Album Version)
8. Paying The Cost To Be The Boss (Album Version)
9. Blues Man (Album Version)
10. Bad Case Of Love (Album Version)
11. Blues Boys Tune (Album Version)
12. I'll Survive (Album Version)
13. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens (Album Version)
14. I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town (1999 Album Version)
15. Ain't That Just Like A Woman (Album Version)
16. Caldonia (Album Version)

DISC 10:
1. Ten Long Years
2. Key to The Highway (Album Version)
3. I Got To Leave This Woman (Album Version)
4. Monday Woman (Album Version)
5. Don't Go No Farther (Album Version)
6. You're On Top (Album Version)
7. Back Door Santa
8. Exactly Like You (Album Version)
9. Sinner's Prayer
10. Early In The Morning
11. Rock This House
12. You Have a Way
13. Everybody Loves You
14. Key To The Highway (2006/Live in Tennessee)
15. Midnight Blues
16. Get These Blues Off Me
17. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
18. Waiting For Your Call
19. Haunted House

Jim Keltner - Drums, Percussion
B.B. King - Guitar, Arranger, Composer, Piano, Producer, Vocals
Albert Aarons, Stanley Abernathy, Carl Adams, John Anderson, Marcus Belgrave, Henry Boozier, Thomas Branch, Oscar Brashear, John Browning, Bobby Bryant, Pete Candoli, Ben Cauley - Trumpet
Johnny Ace, Robert Anderson - Piano
Arthur Adams, Roland Bautisa, Leo Blevins, Doyle Bramhall II, Billy Butler, Roland Chambers - Guitar
Rudy Aikels, David Allen, Ronnie Baker, Wilbur Bascomb - Bass
Tomasine Anderson, Patti Austin, Jewel Bass, Paulette Brown, Vivian Cherry,   Kasey Cisyk, Merry Clayton - Background Vocals
Joshie Armstead - Vocals
Irving Ashby - Guitar
Harold Austin - Saxophone
Marcus Barnett, Tony Braunagel, Lenny Castro - Percussion
Ronnie Barron - Hammond B3 Organ
Count Basie Orchestra - Featured Artist
Jay Bellerose - Drums, Percussion
Joe Bihari - Producer
Bobby "Blue" Bland - Vocals
Johnny Board - Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
George Bohanon, Garnett Brown, Joseph Burton - Trombone
James Bolden - Leader, Trumpet
Bono - Vocals
Ben Branch - Tenor Saxophone
David Briggs - Keyboards
Charles Brooks - Piano
Eddie Brown - Congas, Percussion
Lawrence Burdine - Alto Saxophone
Sonny Burke - Piano, Synthesizer
T-Bone Burnett - Producer
Harrison Calloway - Horn Arrangements, Trumpet
Tim Carmon - Hammond B3 organ
Yolander Charles - Bass
Warren Chiasson - Vibraphone
Eric Clapton - Guitar, Producer, Vocals
Adam Clayton - Bass
Clem Clempson - Guitar
Simon Climie - Producer
Arnett Cobb - Tenor Saxophone
Henry Coker - Trombone
Brad Cole - Synthesizer
George Coleman - Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Tony Coleman - Percussion
Ron Cooper - Cello
Richard Cousins - Bass
Jim Cox - Synthesizer
Dave Crawford - Arranger, Composer, Conductor, Keyboards, Producer, Background Vocals
Hank Crawford - Horn Arrangements, Alto Saxophone
Robert Cray - Guitar, Vocals
Charles Crosby - Congas
Ronald Cuber - Baritone Saxophone
Ted Curry - Drums
Paulinho Da Costa - Percussion
Rollice Dale - Viola
Jess Daniels - Guitar
Maxwell Davis - Arranger, Conductor, Organ, Tenor Saxophone
Maxwell Davis Orchestra - Featured Artist
Pluma Davis - Trombone
Bert de Coteaux - Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements
Charlie Dennis - Guitar
Gene Dinwiddle - Tenor Saxophone
Michael Doster - Bass
Hobart Dotson - Trumpet
Dr. John - Keyboards, Piano, Guitar
Billy Duncan - Saxophone
Helen Duncan, Phyllis Duncan, Vanetta Field, Donny Gerrard, Catherine Henderson, Bunny Hull - Background Vocals
Cornell Dupree - Guitar
Ronald Eades - Baritone Saxophone
Earnest Williamson - Keyboards
Nathan East - Bass
The Edge - Guitar, Keyboards
Esmond Edwards - Producer
Scott Edwards Jr., Mike Elizondo, Wilbert Freeman, Bryan Garofalo, Vennette Gloud - Bass
Caleb Emphrey, Jr. - Drums
Tommy Eyre - Keyboards, Organ
Wilton Felder - Bass, Producer, Tenor Saxophone
Sid Feller - Arranger, Conductor, Producer
Keith Fiddmont - Alto Saxophone
Ernie Fields Jr. - Baritone saxophone
Charles Findley - Trombone
André Fischer - Producer
Fred Ford - Tenor Saxophone
Earl Forest - Drums
Jimmy Forrest, Frank Foster - Tenor Saxophone
Bobby Forte - Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Charlie Fowlkes, Barney Freeman - Baritone Saxophone
Sonny Freeman, Steve Gadd, James Gadson - Drums
Sonny Garrish - Guitar
Lloyd Glenn - Piano
Harris Goldman - Violin
Jim Gordon - Drums
Janice Gower - Violin
Gary Grant - Trumpet
Jewell Grant, William Green - Alto Saxophone
Tuff Green - Bass
Ed Greene - Drums
Ray Griffin, William K. "Billy" Hadnott, Ralph Hamilton - Bass
Herb Hardesty - Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet
Norman Harris - Guitar
Paul Harris - Keyboards, Organ, Piano
Bill Harvey - Arranger, Tenor Saxophone
Jimmie Haskell - Conductor, String Arrangements
Kevin Hayes - Drums
John Heard - Bass
Bill Henderson - Violin
Gary Herbig - Saxophone
John Hobbs - Piano, Synthesizer
Major Holley - Bass
Red Holloway - Tenor Saxophone
Stix Hooper - Drums, Producer
Milton Hopkins - Guitar
Barney Hubert, Kim Hutchcroft - Baritone Saxophone
Louis Hubert - Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
James "Hutch" Hutchinson - Bass
Jimmy Iovine - Producer
Clayton Ives - Keyboards
Fred Jackson Jr. - Flute
Melvin Jackson - Saxophone
Oliver Jackson - Drums
Paul M. Jackson - Guitar
Wayne Jackson - Horn, Trumpet
Gerald Jemmott, Jerry Jemmott - Bass
Duke Jethro - Organ, Piano
Sammy Jett - Trombone
Jim Dollarhide - Producer
Howard Johnson - Baritone Saxophone
Eddie Jones - Bass
Floyd Jones, Harry D. Jones - Trumpet
Johnny Jones - Guitar
Randy Kerber - Synthesizer Bass
Ron Kersey - Keyboards
Bobby Keys - Saxophone
Carole King - Piano
Clydie King - Background Vocals
Walter King - Contractor, Flute, Alto Saxophone
Frederick Knight - Producer
Nathaniel Kunkel - Shaker
Russ Kunkel - Drums
Michael Landau - Guitar
John Landis - Producer
Neil Larsen - Hammond B3 Organ, Keyboards
Leo Lauchie - Bass
Trevor Lawrence - Tenor Saxophone
Carl Lee - Vocals
Millard Lee - Piano
Kathleen Lenski - Violin
Darrell Leonard - Trumpet
Stewart Levine - Producer
Ron Levy - Piano, Synthesizer
Larrie Londin - Drums
John J. Longo - Trumpet
Andrew Love - Horn, Tenor Saxophone
Herb Lovelle - Drums
Andy Fairweather Low - Guitar
Charles Lowe, Tom Malone - Trombone
Steve Madaio - Trumpet
Russell Malone - Guitar
Charles Mann - Keyboards, Background Vocals
Connie McBooker, Willard McDaniel - Piano
Hugh McCracken - Guitar
Kurt McGettrick - Saxophone
Andy McKaie - Producer
Bob McNeely - Baritone Saxophone
Cecil McNeely - Tenor Saxophone
The Memphis Horns, Muscle Shoals Horns - Horns
Jymie Merritt - Bass
Ed Michel - Producer
Charlie Miller - Trumpet
Bob Mitchell - Organ
Herman Mitchell - Guitar
Vince Montana - Vibraphone
Van Morrison - Arranger, Harmonica, Vocals
Larry Mullen, Jr. - Drums
Robert Murray - Guitar
Bumps Myers - Tenor Saxophone
Earl Nash - Congas, Percussion
Ira Nepus - Trombone
Calvin Newborn - Guitar
Ira Newborn - Producer
Phineas Newborn, Jr. - Piano
Phineas Newborn, Sr. - Drums
David "Fathead" Newman, Dave Pell - Tenor Saxophone
Floyd Newman - Baritone Saxophone
Joe Newman - Trumpet
Dick Noel, Tommy Peterson, Benny Powell - Trombone
Nils Oliver - Cello
Calvin Owens - Horn Arrangements, Trumpet
Frank Owens - Piano
Earl Palmer - Drums
Ray Parker Jr., Dean Parks - Guitar
Johnny Pate - Arranger, Conductor, Producer
Billy Payne - Keyboards
Sonny Payne - Drums
Sam Phillips - Producer
Valerie Pinkston-Mayo, Rebecca Evans Russell - Background Vocals
Paul Polivnick - Viola
Roy Pope - Trumpet
Robert "Pops" Popwell - Bass
John Porter - Guitar, Producer
Harold Potier, Bernard "Pretty" Purdie - Drums
Jim Price - Horn Arrangements, Electric Piano, Trombone, Trumpet
Jim Pugh - Keyboards
Dennis Quitman - Saxophone
Jerry Ragovoy, Milt Raskin - Piano
Jack Redmond - Trombone
Waymon Reed - Trumpet
Hampton Reese, Eddie Rowe - Arranger
Reggie Richards - Bass
Jerome Richardson - Baritone Saxophone
Lee Ritenour - Guitar
James Robinson - Drums
Edward Rowe - Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Ernie Royal - Trumpet
Marshall Royal - Alto Saxophone
Leon Russell - Piano
Jesse Sailes - Drums
Joe Sample - Keyboards, Piano, Producer, Wurlitzer
David Sanborne - Alto Saxophone
Richard Sanders - Tenor Saxophone
Kenneth Sands - Trumpet
Louis Satterfield - Bass
Johnny Lee Schell - Guitar
Woody Shaw - Trumpet
Haim Shtrum - Violin
Sidney A. Siedenberg - Producer
Vernon Slater, Joe Sublett - Tenor Saxophone
David Spinozza, Michael Spriggs, Marty Stuart, Elli Tarkesty - Guitar
Chris Stainton - Keyboards
John Starks, Ringo Starr - Drums
Neil Stubenhaus - Bass
Eddie Saxman Synigal - Baritone Saxophone
Bill Szymczyk - Producer
Bob Thiele - Producer
Ian Thomas - Drums
Tasha Thomas - Vocals
Harvey Thompson, Earl Turbinton - Tenor Saxophone
Julia Tillman Waters, Carmen Twillie, Luther Waters, Oren Waters, Maxine Willard Waters - Background Vocals
Hilmer J. Timbrell, Michael Toles - Guitar
James Toney - Keyboards, Organ
Joe Turner - Bass
Floyd Turnham - Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
U2 - Featured Artist
John Uribe - Guitar
Charles Veal - Concert Master, Violin
Louis Villery, Klaus Voormann - Bass
Booker Walker, Cato Walker - Alto Saxophone
Dennis Walker - Producer
James Walker - Bass
Paul Waller - Drum Programming
Joe Walsh, Leon Warren - Guitar
Freddie Washington - Bass
Larry Washington - Congas
John Watson - Trombone
Steve Watson - Guitar
Ernie Watts - Alto Saxophone
Frank Wess, Rickey Woodard - Tenor Saxophone
Carson Whitsett - Keyboards
Don Wilkerson, Larry Williams - Saxophone
Bob Wray - Bass
Gary Wright - Organ, Piano
Earl Young - Drums
Reggie Young - Guitar
Snooky Young - Trumpet
Joe Zagarino, Lou Zito - Producer

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sacri Cuori - Rosario

Sacri Cuori - Rosario
Decor Records DECOR029 (2012)

Track Listing:
1. Silver Dollar
2. Fortuna
3. Quattro Passi
4. Out of Grace
5. Sipario!
6. Garrett, West
7. Where we Left
8. Teresita
9. Garrett, East
10. El Conte
11. Sundown, Rosa
12. Lee-Show
13. Lido
14. El Gone
15. Sei
16. Non Tornero
17. Stearner
18. Lido (different recorded version)
19. Teresita (different recorded version)


Sacri Cuori:
Antonio Gramentieri - guitars, vocals
Christian Ravaglioli - keyboards, accordion
Francesco Giampaoli - bass
Diego Sapignoli - drums
Enrico Bocchini - percussions, drums
Denis Valentini - percussions, vocals, drums

Additional Musicians:
Jim Keltner - drums
David Hidalgo - vocals
Isobel Campbell - vocals
Joey Convertino - vocals
Stephen McCarthy - guitars, bass
JD Foster - producer
Woody Jackson - guitar, pedal steel guitar
Marc Ribot - guitar

John Lennon & Friends - Let’s Have A Party

John Lennon & Friends - Let’s Have A Party
Quality Compact Records QCP 72003 (1971)

Track Listing:
1. What'd I Say
2. Yellow Submarine
3. On Top Of Old Smokey
4. Goodnight Irene
5. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
6. Like A Rolling Stone / Twist And Shout / Louie Louie / La Bamba
7. Bring It On Home To Me
8. Yesterday
9. Tandoori Chicken
10. Power To The People
11. Maybe Baby
12. Peggy Sue
13. My Baby Left Me
14. Blue Suede Shoes
15. Crippled Inside
16. Give Peace A Chance
17. Crippled Inside
18. Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
19. Happy Birthday
20. Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
21. My Sweet Lord

Jim Keltner - drums
John Lennon - vocals, guitar
Yoko Ono - vocals
Ringo Starr - vocals, drums
Phil Spector - vocals
Eric Clapton - vocals, guitar
Klaus Voorman - bass
Allen Ginsberg
Mal Evans
Neil Aspinal
Maureen Starkey

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nenes - Koza Dabasa

Nenes - Koza Dabasa
Columbia Records KSC2-0083 476824 2 (1994)

Track Listing:
1. Tu-ne
2. America Dori
3. Jealousy
4. Toi Michi
5. KOZA Dabasa
6. Kogane no Hana
7. Kurushima Kudochi
8. Manonaka no Driver
9. Katadayori
10. Tin-Tun-Ten
11. Shima-Zima Kaisya

Nenes :
Misako Koja - vocal, sanba, sanshin
Yasuko Miyasato - vocal, sanba
Namiko Miyasato - vocal
Yukino Hiyane - vocal

Guest Musicians :
Jim Keltner - drums, cajon
Ry Cooder - guitars
David Lindley - guitars, mandolin, bouzouki
Bob Glaub - bass
David Hidalgo - accordion, Mexican guitar
Sweet Pea Atkinson, Harry Bowens - vocal
Yuichi Ishida - guitars, ukulele, whistle
Kazuya Sahara - keyboard, programming, percussion
Sadao China - sanshin, ryukin, vocal, producer
Yuzo Goto - percussion, whistle
Sei Sakamoto - whistle
Minoru Fukuhara - percussion
Takao Nagama - percussion, ohayashi, vocal
Suekichi Matsuda - sanshin, vocal
Syuken Maekawa - sanshin
Takashi Abiko - whistle, ohayashi
Takeo Hatama - ohayashi
Noei Miyagi - vocal

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dave Kelly - Crowning Of A Simple Man

Dave Kelly - Crowning Of A Simple Man
Pilgrim America Records R3757  (1980)

Track Listing:
1. King of Love
2. God Knows
3. Tonight
4. Supernatural Man
5. Dead or Alive
6. Turn Your Back
7. Love Night and Day
8. Trouble
9. Sandy
10. Ballad of JC

Jim Keltner - drums
Dave Kelly - vocals, 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar, producer
Jimm Seatter - harmony vocals and jokes
Dennis Bellfield - bass
Billy Walker - guitar, slide guitar
Terry Young - piano, organ, backing vocals
Mary Russell, Mona Lisa - backing vocals
Alex McGilvery - bagpipes
Stewart Hamilton - flute, fiddle
Dale Ocherman - synthesizer

Drum Legends Neil Peart And Jim Keltner Share Wisdom With Aspiring Drummers

L-R Doane Perry, Jim Keltner, Neil Peart & Don Lombardi Photo: Dan Grody

By Laura Ferreiro

The best way to learn a craft is to hang out with the masters. That’s the premise behind the Los Angeles Music Academy’s Drummer’s Reality Camp, where aspiring drummers of all ages get the chance to learn directly from renowned drummers during four days of intense instruction, clinics and concerts each year.

At a roundtable discussion during this year’s camp, Neil Peart of Rush, legendary session drummer Jim Keltner (who has played with three of the four Beatles, Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton and Neil Young, among others), and Doane Perry of Jethro Tull examined the attributes of good drumming and the importance of going beyond drumming to master songwriting, penning lyrics and playing other instruments. Don Lombardi, president of DW Drums and chief executive of drumming instruction website, led the discussion, which took place at the Drum Channel’s Oxnard soundstage.

“I look at a drum set and it’s like a large playground for me,” Keltner told the enthusiastic audience, which included drummers as young as 12 and renowned sticksmen Gil Sharone and Uli Frost.

Peart, who’s not only known as one of the best drummers in the world but also writes all of Rush’s lyrics, said that he sees several parallels between playing drums and writing lyrics. “I started writing lyrics early on,” Peart said. “Words are as rhythmic as drum phrasing.” Peart is also a renowned author who has published several books. But he admitted that he didn’t feel confident enough to publically share his prose writing for nearly two decades. “I bought a typewriter in Little Rock, Arkansas and spent the next 20 years writing before I published anything,” he admits.

All three drummers agreed that inspiration can be found in the unlikeliest of places, ranging from listening to Guns N’ Roses to classical music, as well as things completely unrelated to music. “I got turned on to Stravinsky at a very young age,” Keltner said. “We’d sit around and absorb ‘The Rite of Spring’ and say, ‘How does a mind make that happen?”

“I had a car that was dying and it made the most glorious sound, so you can find it anywhere,” Perry told the burgeoning drummers. “So be open to all of it. Take it in like a sponge.”

Peart said that he has found exposure to music from around the world during his international travels to be particularly inspiring. “I’ve found so much richness in the music of other cultures – most recently Brazil,” he said.

The percussionists also discussed the important role of digital technology in music today. “Any artist back in the day would’ve loved to have these tools,” said Keltner, “They are the flesh and blood of music.”

Peart seemed a little more skeptical, pointing out that being a rock drummer is even more challenging these days than it was when he was starting out 40 years ago, because a lot of today’s popular music is dominated by electronics and drum machines.

“Listening to the Top 40 hour, there’s not one drum on it – that’s what you’re up against,” Peart told the drum students. “Hearing all this pop music with no drums makes me worry for you guys. But there’s still a place for it. We’re due for another revolution.”

Poker Of Kings!

Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Jim Keltner & Steve Lukather

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bob Dylan - Avignon

Bob Dylan - Avignon
Moonlight Records ML9517/18 Unofficial Release (1995)

Track Listing:

CD 1:
1. Saved
2. I Believe In You
3. Like A Rolling Stone
4. Till I Get It Right
5. Man Gave Names To All The Animals
6. Maggie's Farm
7. Girl From The North Country
8. Ballad Of A Thin Man
9. In The Summertime
10. Shot Of Love
11. Walk Around Heaven All Day - Carolyn Dennis
12. The Times They Are A-Changin'
13. Let's Begin
14. Lenny Bruce

CD 2:
1. Slow Train
2. Solid Rock
3. Just Like A Woman
4. Saved By The Grace Of Your Love
5. Watered-Down Love
6. Jesus Is The One
7. Heart Of Mine
8. When You Gonna Wake Up
9. Forever Young
10. In The Garden
11. Blowin' In The Wind
12. It Ain't Me, Babe
13. Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Jim Keltner - drums
Bob Dylan - vocals, guitar
Fred Tackett, Steve Ripley - guitar
Willie Smith - keyboards
Tim Drummond - bass
Clydie King, Carolyn Dennis, Regina McCreary Havis, Madelyn Quebec - vocals

Shivaree - Bossa Nova (The Luckiest Girl)

Shivaree - Bossa Nova (The Luckiest Girl)
Odeon Records 7243 8 79145 2 0 Maxi-Single (2002)

Track Listing:
1. Bossa Nova (The Luckiest Girl) - Allskate Mix
2. Bossa Nova (The Luckiest Girl) - Album Edit
3. I Don't Care (Live)
4. Funeral Song For A Dog

Jim Keltner (4), Phil Hernandez, Tony Mangurian, Andrew Borger - Drums
Ambrosia Parsley - Vocals, Guitar
Danny McGough - Guitar, Keyboards
Duke McVinnie - Bass, Guitar
Elegant Too, Joe Henry - Producer
Sheldon Gomberg - Bass

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shivaree - Goodnight Moon

Shivaree - Goodnight Moon
EMI Music Italy 8897982 Maxi-Single (2000)

Track Listing:
1. Goodnight Moon (Album Version)
2. Scrub
3. My Boy Lollipop

Jim Keltner (2), Joey Waronker - drums
Ambrosia Parsley - Vocals, Guitar
Duke McVinnie - Guitar, Bass
Danny McGough - Keyboards, Organ, Synthesizer
Rob Schnapf, Tom Rothrock, Joe Henry - Producer
Gia Ciambotti, Sharon Celani - Backing Vocals

Neil Young With Booker T & The MG'S - Rushmore 93

Neil Young With Booker T & The MG'S - Rushmore 93
Amsterdam AMS 737 Unofficial Release (1993)

Track Listing:

Disc One:
1. Mr. Soul
2. The Loner
3. Southern Man
4. Helpless
5. Like A Hurricane
6. Motorcycle Mama
7. Love To Burn
8. Separate Ways

Disc Two:
1. Powderfinger
2. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
3. Harvest Moon
4. Unknown Legend
5. The Needle And The Damage Done
6. Change Your Mind
7. Live To Ride
8. Rockin' In The Free World
9. (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay
10. All Along The Watchtower

Jim Keltner - Drums
Neil Young - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards
Booker T. Jones Jr. - Organ, Vocals
Steve Cropper - Guitar
Donald "Duck" Dunn - Bass
Astrid Young, Annie Stocking - Backing Vocals

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Neil Young - Sourthanman 2000

Neil Young - Sourthanman 2000
Shout To The Top Records STTP 114/115 Unofficial Release (2000)

Track Listing:

Disc One:
1. Motorcycle Mama
2. Powderfinger
3. Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere
4. I Believe In You
5. Unknown Legend
6. Dance, Dance, Dance
7. Buffalo Springfield Again
8. Razor Love, Lotta Love
9. Daddy Went Walkin'
10. Peace Of Mind
11. Walk On

Disc Two:
1. Bad Fog Of Lonliness
2. Winterlong
3. Band Introductions
4. Words (Between The Lines Of Age)
5. Harvest Moon
6. World On A String
7. Tonight's The Night
8. Like A Hurricane
9. Mellow My Mind

Jim Keltner - Drums
Neil Young - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, Vocals
Astrid Young, Pegi Young - Backing Vocals
Donald "Duck" Dunn - Bass
Spooner Oldham - Keyboards
Ben Keith - Pedal Steel Guitar

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mc Squared - Tantalizing Colours: The Reprise Recordings

Mc Squared - Tantalizing Colours: The Reprise Recordings
Now Sounds Records 2906342 (1968)

Track Listing:
1. Bornatzätt
2. Ghost Of Man
3. Do You Care
4. Miss Abercrombie
5. Stoning Of The Quiet Men
6. Tantalizing Colours
7. Smilin
8. Dolphins
9. Adults Only
10. Everybody S Talkin
11. You Are Lovely
12. Karneeval
13. Or Something (Part 1) (Mono 45)
14. Or Something (Instrumental)
15. Sst (Mono 45)
16. My Mind Goes High (Mono 45)
17. Smilin (Mono 45)
18. That S The Word (Mono 45)
19. I Know You
20. Time Will Equalize

Jim Keltner - drums
Linda Carey - vocals
Mike Clough - vocals
Mike Crowley - vocals
Michael Crowley - congas
Randy Sterling - bass
Lenny Waronker - producer

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Everly Brothers - Chained To A Memory: 1966-1972

The Everly Brothers - Chained To A Memory: 1966-1972
Bear Family Records 16791 (2006)

Track Listing:
1. June Is As Cold As December
2. Glitter & Gold
3. Lovey Kravezit
4. Doll House Is Empty
5. (You Got) The Power Of Love
6. Leave My Girl Alone
7. (Why Am I) Chained To A Memory
8. Don't Run & Hide
9. Have You Ever Loved Somebody
10. Fifi The Flea
11. Hard Hard Year
12. Like Everytime Before
13. Signs That Will Never Change
14. Collector
15. So Lonely
16. I've Been Wrong Before
17. Kiss Your Man Goodbye (#3)
18. Pretty Flamingo
19. Somebody Help Me
20. When Eddie Comes Home
21. Devil's Child
22. She Never Smiles Anymore (Take 1)
23. She Never Smiles Anymore
24. Nothing But The Best
25. Sea Of Heartbreak
26. Blueberry Hill
27. Good Golly, Miss Molly
28. (I'd Be) A Legend In My Time
29. I'm Moving On
30. Sticks & Stones
31. Oh, Boy!
32. Let's Go Get Stoned
33. Trains & Boats & Planes
34. Even If I Hold It In My Hand (Take 2)
35. Even If I Hold It In My Hand (Take 10)
36. House Of The Rising Sun (Take 1)
37. House Of The Rising Sun (Take 4)
38. Bowling Green (Demo)
39. I'll Be Gone (Demo) (Backing Track)
40. I Don't Want To Love You
41. Bowling Green
42. Mary Jane
43. Little Bit Of Crazy
44. Do You
45. Voice Within
46. It's All Over (Overdub & Remix Of Old Rec.)
47. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
48. Whiter Shade Of Pale
49. Talking To The Flowers
50. Deliver Me
51. I'm Finding It Rough
52. They Smile For You (Backing Track)
53. Love Of The Common People (Take 1)
54. Love Of The Common People (Composite)
55. Love Of The Common People (Take 23)
56. My Elusive Dreams (Take 1)
57. You're Just What I Was Looking For... (Take 7)
58. You're Just What I Was Looking For... (Take 9)
59. Lord Of The Manor
60. It's My Time
61. Bonsoir Madame (Back Track)
62. Empty Boxes
63. Love With Your Heart (#1) (Take 4)
64. Love With Your Heart (#1) (Master)
65. You Done Me Wrong (Alt. Mix)
66. Milk Train
67. Intro: Everly Family
68. Mama Tried (7/20/68 & 9/26/68)
69. Less Of Me (7/16/68)
70. T For Texas (7/20/68)
71. I Wonder If Care As Much (9/17 & 19/68)
72. Ventura Boulevard (7/12/68 & 10/14/68)
73. Shady Grove (7/17/68)
74. Illinois (9/30/68)
75. Living Too Close To The Ground (10/7/68)
76. You Done Me Wrong (4/10/68)
77. Turn Around (7/12/68, 9/23/68 & 10/14/68)
78. Sing Me Back Home (7/16/68 & 9/25/68)
79. Montage: Everly Family/Shady Grove/Kentucky
80. Weight (Take 9)
81. Deep Water (Backing Track)
82. Medley: Lady Anne/Blue Balloon (Demo)
83. Roots Promo Sampler
84. Lady Anne (Demo)
85. Shop Girl (Demo)
86. Omaha
87. Human Race (#1)
88. Mr. Soul (Mix #1 1/6/69)
89. In The Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad)
90. Down In The Bottom (Mix #1 1/6/69)
91. Love With Your Heart (#2)
92. Mr. Soul (Mix #2)
93. In The Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad)
94. Down In The Bottom (Mix #2 - Remake)
95. Glory Road
96. My Little Yellow Bird
97. I'm On My Way Home Again (Demo)
98. Cuckoo Bird
99. Eden To Canaan (Take 2)
100. Eden To Canaan (Nice Guys)
101. I'm On My Way Home Again (Take 1)
102. I'm On My Way Home Again (Single)
103. Carolina In My Mind
104. Casey's Last Ride #1 (Take 1)
105. Casey's Last Ride #1 (Take 9)
106. Stained Glass Morning
107. Yves
108. Human Race (#2)
109. Introduction
110. Mama Tried
111. Kentucky
112. Bowling Green
113. ('til) I Kissed You
114. Wake Up Little Susie
115. Cathy's Clown
116. Bird Dog
117. Maybelline
118. Medley: Rock & Roll Music/The End/Aquarius/If I Were A Carpenter/Price Of Love
119. Baby What You Want Me To Do
120. All I Have To Do Is Dream
121. Walk Right Back
122. Medley: Susie Q/Hey Jude
123. Lord Of The Manor
124. I Wonder If I Care As Much
125. Love Is Strange
126. Medley: Let It Be Me/Give Peace A Chance
127. Duster Spot
128. Brand New Tennessee Waltz
129. Casey's Last Ride (#2)
130. Old Kentucky River
131. Green River
132. Breakdown
133. All We Really Want To Do
134. Poems, Prayers & Promises
135. Mandolin Wind
136. I'm Tired Of Singing My Song In Las Vegas
137. Ridin' High
138. Lay Me Down
139. Del Rio Dan
140. Three-Armed Poker
141. Playin' River Rat
142. Christmas Eve Can Kill You
143. Stories We Can Tell
144. Poisonberry Pie
145. It Pleases Me To Please You
146. Up In Mabel's Room
147. Lay It Down
148. I Can't Be Myself
149. Sweet Memories
150. Rocky Top
151. Survival Of The Fittest
152. Not Fade Away
153. Paradise
154. Nickel For The Fiddler
155. Somebody Nobody Knows
156. Watchin' It Go
157. Woman Don't You Try To Tie Me Down
158. Good Hearted Woman
159. Husbands & Wives
160. Ladies Love Outlaws
161. Maiden's Prayer
162. Send Me The Pillow You Dream On (#2)
163. I'm Alone Because I Love You
164. Don Everly Talks About Pass The Chicken & Listen
165. Intro/Lucille (Live Sweden, April 22, 1965)
166. Susie Q (Live Sweden, April 22, 1965)
167. Raunchy (Live Sweden, April 22, 1965)
168. Walk Right Back (Live Sweden, April 22, 1965)
169. Bye Bye Love (Live Sweden, April 22, 1965)
170. Gone Gone Gone (Instr.) (Live Sweden, April 22, 1965)
171. Outskirts Of Town (Live Sweden, April 22, 1965)
172. Bird Dog (Live Sweden, April 22, 1965)
173. So Sad (Live Sweden, April 22, 1965)
174. Lucille (Live Sweden, April 22, 1965)
175. Are You Sincere (Dvd)
176. All I Have To Do Is Dream (Dvd)
177. Lollipop (Dvd)
178. In Nashville (Dvd)
179. In New York (Dvd)
180. In New York (Dvd)
181. Long Time Gone (Dvd)
182. Meet Me Where They Play The Blues (Dvd)
183. Wonderful One
184. Problems (Dvd)
185. No Other Arms, No Other Lips (Dvd)
186. Hawaiian Wedding Song (Dvd)
187. Now Is The Hour (Dvd)
188. Intro: You're My Girl (Dvd)
189. Intro: Lonely Weekends (Dvd)
190. I Got A Woman (Dvd)
191. All I Have To Do Is Dream (Dvd)
192. I Want To Hold Your Hand (Dvd)
193. People (Dvd)
194. Boy From Ipanema (Dvd)
195. Downtown (Dvd)
196. Intro: The Price Of Love (Dvd)
197. Wake Up Little Susie/Bye, Bye Love/Bird Dog (Dvd)
198. Bye, Bye Love (Dvd)
199. Wake Up Little Susie/All I Have To Do Is Dream/Bird Dog/Devoted To You (Dvd)
200. Cathy's Clown (Dvd)
201. Intro: Mama Tried (Dvd)
202. All I Have To Do Is Dream/Wake Up Little Susie/Bye, Bye Love (Dvd)
203. Games People Play (Dvd)
204. Let It Be Me (Dvd)

Tracks # 144/145

Jim Keltner - drums
Phil Everly - vocal, guitar
John Sebastian - guitar
Waddy Wachtel - guitar
Robert Knigge - bass
Marshall Gunnels - drums
Warren Zevon - keyboards

Michel Berger - Beauséjour

Michel Berger - Beauséjour
Warner Bros. Records 56 785 (1980)

Side One:
1. La Groupie Du Pianiste
2. Y A Vraiment Qu'L'Amour Qui Vaille La Peine
3. C'Est Pour Quelqu'Un
4. Celui Qui Chante
5. Tout Est Possible

Side Two:
1. Attendre
2. Quelques Mots D'Amour
3. Jouer Du Banjo
4. La Fille Des Années 2000
5. C'Est Difficile D'Être Un Homme Aussi

Jim Keltner (A1), Simon Phillips, Jim Gordon, Mike Baird, Alan Schwartzberg, Rick Shlosser - drums
Michel Berger - vocals, piano, producer, clavinet
Paul Stallworth, Lyle Harper, Neil Stubenhaus, Pascal Arroyo - bass
Paulinho Da Costa, Lenny Castro, Rubens Bassini, Gilles Perrin - percussion
Danny Kortchmar, Ben Benay, Jacky Tricoire, Steve Lukather, Dean Parks, John Tropea, Elliot Randall, Michael Landau - guitar
Neil Larsen, Bill Payne, Paul Griffin - keyboards
Babou,  Daniel Balavoine, The Brothers Costa, Claude Puterflam, Laurel Masse - background vocals
Michel Bernholc - arranger, piano
Georges Rodi - keyboards, synthesizers
Tom Saviano, Gary Herbig, David Luell - saxophone
Steve Madaio, Gary Grant - trumpet
Dick "Slyde" Hyde, Christian Guizien - trombone
Herb Pedersen - banjo

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Buzz Clifford - See Your Way Clear

Buzz Clifford - See Your Way Clear
Dot Records DLP 25965 (1969)

Side One:
1. Proctor & Gunther
2. I Am The River
3. Hollywood Joe
4. Ocean Liner
5. Hawg Frog
6. Angeline

Side Two:
1. We’ll All Get By
2. Children Are Crying Aloud
3. Echo Park
4. (Baby I Could Be) So Good At Loving You
5. I See I Am

Jim Keltner, David Potter - drums
Buzz Cliford - vocals, guitar
Steven Bruton, Robbie Edwards, Clark Garmon, David Marks - guitar
Joseph Burnett, Matt Moore, Gary Montgomery - keyboards 
Mike Clough - percussion 
Glenn Crocker - organ 
Jack Dalton - concertina 
David Doud - guitar, bass
Carl Radle, Michael Doud - bass
David Jackson - bass, piano 
Bernie Leadon - dobro 
Dave Mani - piano, organ, backing vocals
Daniel Moore - guitar, keyboards, backing vocals 
Kay Montgomery - pipe organ
Dave Roberts, Bob Klimes - arranger
Richard Delvy - producer

Thenewno2 - Thefearofmissingout

Thenewno2 - Thefearofmissingout
H.O.T. Records 002 (2012)

Track Listing:
1. Station
2. Wide Awake
3. Timezone
4. I Won't Go
5. Hanging On
6. Looking Beyond
7. thewaitaround
8. Staring Out To The Sea
9. Make It Home
10. The Number

Jim Keltner, Frank Zummo - Drums
Dhani Harrison - Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizer, Ukulele, Bass, Programming, Piano, Producer
Paul Hicks - Programming, Producer
Nick Fyfe - Bass
Jonathan Sadoff - Keyboards
Jeremy Faccone - Guitars
Holly Marilyn, RZA, Ben Harper, The Black Knights, Throunn Antonia - Vocals
Oli Hecks - Percussion
Jessy Greene - Violin

Rita Jean Bodine - Bodine, Rita Jean

Rita Jean Bodine - Bodine, Rita Jean
20th Century Records 9209-455 (1974)

Side One:
1. Dynamite
2. That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You
3. Lickin' Stick
4. Old Friend
5. Dancing In The Streets

Side Two:
1. Change My Evil Ways
2. When You Hold Me
3. Hold On, I'm Comin'
4. Lovin' Man
5. I've Been So Long

Jim Keltner, David Kemper, Ed Greene - Drums
Rita Jean Bodine - Piano, Vocals, Percussion
David Hungate - Bass
Dean Parks - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Horns, Background Vocals
Dan Ferguson, Larry Carlton, Jay Graydon - Guitars
Michael Omartian, Ron Fransen - Piano, ARP, Clavinet, Organ, Harpsichord
David Paich - Horns, Keyboards
George Bohanon, Chuck Findley, Paul Hubinon, Lew McCreary, Steve Leeds, Mark Hofstein, Tom Scott - Horns
Carol Carmichael - Percussion, Steel Drums, Background Vocals, Producer
Howard Steele - Percussion, Steel Drums
Kim Carnes, Maxine Willard, Julia Tillman, Vangie Carmichael - Background Vocals
Ralph Carmichael - Strings
Jimmy Getzoff - Concert Master